Ornamental Blacksmiths by WEST DERBY FORGE create bespoke decorative metalwork using traditional techniques and specialized tools requiring a blend of art and science. Blacksmithing has a long history dating back to medieval times and continues to be a respected modern-day trade

West Derby Forge, the Ornamental Blacksmith Specialists based in Liverpool.

We are skilled craftsmen who create decorative and ornate metalwork that employs traditional blacksmithing techniques. This type of metalwork can include; Planters, Hanging Baskets, Fire Guards, Fire Grates, Unique Burial Plot Grave Surrounds, Barbecue Cutlery, Bespoke Projects, Bookmarks, Bookends, Hooks, Hingers and Brackets, Keyring and Bottle Openers, Window Grilles, Latches, Hinges, Handles and much more.

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(PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT FABRICATE OR SUPPLY DOUBLE GATES) You can also buy any of our blacksmith products in our online shop. (shop coming soon)

As Ornamental Blacksmiths we use specialized tools such as hammers, tongs, anvils, and forges to shape and mold the metal into intricate and often complex designs. The end result is a unique and custom piece that adds a beautiful and functional element to any space. Ornamental blacksmithing is both an art form and a science, as the craftsman must possess both an artistic eye and a practical understanding of how metal behaves and can be manipulated. The craft of ornamental blacksmithing has a rich and storied history, dating back centuries to medieval times where the work of skilled blacksmiths helped to define the aesthetics of the time. Today, ornamental blacksmithing continues to be a vital and highly regarded trade, with artisans working both independently and within larger design and construction firms.

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