Barbeque Cutlery

At West Derby Forge Blacksmiths, we specialize in creating custom barbecue cutlery based on your unique requirements. We collaborate with you to turn your drawings and ideas into beautiful wrought iron surrounds.

What We Do

Barbecue cutlery with wrought iron made by the West Derby Forge Blacksmiths can be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen or grill setup. Wrought iron is a durable and strong material that can withstand high temperatures and heavy use. Here are some design ideas for wrought iron barbecue cutlery:

1. Classic Style – A classic look for wrought iron barbecue cutlery would be a simple blacksmith style. The handles could be straight or curved, and the ends could be blunt or pointed. The set could consist of a fork, a spatula, and tongs.

2. Rustic Style – For a more rustic look, the handles of the barbecue cutlery could be wrapped with leather or twine. The utensils could also feature decorative elements such as hammered details or stamped designs.

3. Modern Style – A modern set of barbecue cutlery with wrought iron could have sleek, minimalist designs. The handles could be straight and smooth, and the utensils could have angled or curved tips. The black wrought iron would provide a stark contrast to the bright colours of grilled food.

4. Personalized Style – If you want to add a personal touch to your wrought iron barbecue cutlery, you could have each piece stamped or engraved with your initials or a meaningful phrase. This would make the set unique and add sentimental value.

Overall, barbecue cutlery with wrought iron can be a stylish and durable choice for outdoor dining. Whether you prefer a classic, rustic, modern, or personalized style, there are endless design possibilities to choose from.

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